How Do I Register for the Event and Talks?

Step 1: Click on REGISTER in the top menu?

Step 2: Click on the free All ACCESS PASS

Step 3: Choose the categories you want to see a list of sessions for. 

Step 4: Choose all of the talks within those categories you would like to attend.

Step 5: Click the blue next button at the bottom of the page to continue

Step 6: Complete the registration information (Name, municipality, address)

Step 7: Click complete order

You will receive an email confirming your successful registration.

How do I see the full schedule of events?

To see the full schedule, click on the SCHEDULE button at the top of the menu. You can browse the menu and click into each talk for more information on the session and register for the event. Please note that you can add events to your schedule even after you initially register.

How will I be reminded of these events?

You will be sent an email reminder for the events that you have registered for. You will receive an email with your full schedule for the day in addition to event reminders for each session that you have signed up for. 

How will I join these events?

You can attend these sessions using the event page or through the links in your reminder email.

Your reminder email will say "We're starting in under an hour!" and contain a "watch now" button that you can use to join.

Who should I contact with any issues?

Please reach out to Emily Burns at [email protected]